Encounter's Beliefs

Our Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

To transform lives by encountering God and connecting people.

Our Mission Statement

To provide an environment where people:

  1. Encounter and are transformed by the presence of the living God.
  2. Are challenged and equipped by a biblically relevant message from His Word, the Bible.
  3. Experience biblical community and discipleship through connection groups, meaningful relationships and spiritual mentoring.
  4. Seek evangelistic opportunities to declare and model the life-changing message of the Gospel at home and to all the nations.

Our Core Values

We have chose five clear values as the hills on which we’ll plant a flag and defend as the “non-negotiables” of Encounter Church.

God Encounter
God delights to reveal His clear and loving presence to His people. The place of God Encounter is the foundation of His covenant and of His word of reconciliation for us. The very heart of our redemption is revealed in Jesus “showing up” in the midst of our lives and circumstances and bringing His love and salvation to bear.

The Word of God
We value and hold to the absolute integrity and inerrancy of The Bible in its original manuscripts and language. As God’s Word, the Bible serves as our “true north” and provides an immovable “plumb line” in regard to judging prophetic utterance, establishing doctrine and in directing and defining lifestyle.

The Person and Move of the Holy Spirit
We value and acknowledge the Person and gifts of the Holy Spirit. We believe that God is still speaking in our day through prophetic gifts and intervenes, tangibly in our lives through the gift of the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Bible is the final authority for all matters of faith and practice, yet through the Holy Spirit, we still hear the voice of God speaking today.

We believe that God calls us into an expression of Family, whereby we “grow up into all aspects unto Him” Ephesians 4:15. We value Family, in the context of which we mature, experience meaningful relationships and healthy accountability. As we capture and nurture this sense of family, we feel it provides a grace and attraction to those outside the Body of Christ as well.

As we embrace and are embraced by the preceding values of God’s kingdom presence and fullness being made manifest, our final desire and outcome is the Transformation of individuals, communities, and nations. It is on these five hills that we pledge our commitment and unity for seeing God glorified and His kingdom coming to earth.

Encounter Church
Transforming Lives by Encountering God and Connecting People